Grab a cup of tea and sit down for some good reads. It’s the Wholesome Weekend Roundup featuring my top health and wellness links from around the web this week.


Studies Find Promising Cancer-Fighting Potential Within Avocados – What can’t this delicious superfood do? This makes me want to eat guacamole all the time. Oh wait, I’ve already been doing that a lot lately. Seriously. The 6-packs of avocados from Costco have been really good lately.

Anti-Obesity Report Calls for High-Fat Recommendations – They finally realized this whole low-fat thing wasn’t helping anyone in the long run.

New Alzheimer’s Disease Drug May Help People at Risk – Hopefully one day they find a solution and/or a cure.

How Many Calories We Burn When We Sit, Stand or Walk – I’ve wanted a standing desk for a while. I just feel more energized when I stand vs. sitting while working. I’ve even thought about putting standing desks in my classroom for students who have sensory or attention disorders. I’ve seen studies that say standing to work is much more effective for some. This is most likely the case with me since I have a short attention span (but not diagnosed ADD or anything).

Run for a Better Memory – This is a great study (done on mice, not humans). I decided recently that I actually love running. And now that I think about it, my memory has improved and I seem to have less brain fog. But that could be a non-scale victory of Whole30 as well.

The Importance of Daily Flossing – I can’t fall asleep if my teeth aren’t flossed. It’s like my brain knows how important it is.

If You’re Pregnant, You’ll Want to Avoid These Foods Big Time – FYI, I am not pregnant. I just thought the science behind this was interesting. Do you know what foods to avoid and why? Read this if you care.

Are Cell Phones and EMFs Really Damaging Your Health? – I posted the original article that addressed this last week. And then Mark Sission (thank you!!) went into more detail about it and wrote it out in less sciencey terms that regular humans can understand.

10 Foods That Fight Anxiety – Eat yourself calm. If only it were that simple. But yes, blood sugar regulation has a lot of influence on anxiety and other mood disorders.

American Medical Association Warns of Health and Safety Problems from ‘White’ LED Street Lights – It would really bother me if I lived in a place with LED street lights right outside my window. I wouldn’t be able to sleep. And neither would you because these things can alter your circadian rhythm.

I’m posting 10 articles instead of 12 this week because someone (not me) forgot to pay our internet bill. I’ve been blogging from the BSU library since Wednesday, which has been a total pain. But it is what it is. I don’t know when Century Link plans to turn our service back on, but as of now, it’s still not working.






Are you wondering what I’m loving lately? Well you’re in luck! Each Friday Heather hosts a link-up party for bloggers to showcase some of their favorite things. You can check in here on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for some of my current favorites. I also have a favorites page full of my everyday healthy must-haves. So check that out as well.


There are a few kitchen tools that I find myself using all the time. Sometimes more than once a day or a few times a week. I bet you have some favorite kitchen tools too, and maybe these are some of them. Or maybe you’ve never heard of these. Either way, you’re going to want to come into my kitchen and check these out.



Obviously. I love blending things. Lattes, smoothies, juices, soup, ice cream, salad dressing, sauces, dips, pudding, hummus, pesto, salsa, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and more. If you can blend it, you can put it in the Vitamix. I seriously cannot imagine not having one of these in my kitchen. Yes, they’re pricey. But they’re worth it. I’ve used mine so much to make fresh and nutritious foods that aren’t full of preservatives. I know what’s going into my food when I blend it myself and it’s actually cheaper to make it on my own. So I keep telling myself I’m saving money in the long run. Plus, I’m eating healthier and to me that’s a win-win.

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker


This thing is awesome. I’ve been eating at least one hard boiled egg a day lately and having this Dash Rapid Egg Cooker has helped me out so much. It’s fool-proof. Put water on the bottom. Poke a hole in 6 eggs (the unit comes with a pin on the bottom of the tiny measuring cup). Push the button and set the timer for 15-16 minutes. Then take them out and put them in an ice bath and enjoy. It’s that easy. I usually use the 15-16 minutes while the eggs are cooking to prep other foods.

Paderno World Cuisine Veggie Spiralizer


This Paderno spiralizer is highly rated on Amazon and with good reason. It’s so simple to use. Just put the veggies you want to spiralize in the unit and voila! You’ll get oodles of “_oodles”! I’ve bought this as a gift for several people and they’re super stoked with it too. Because sometimes you just want noodles made from things that are healthy. Not that whole wheat pasta isn’t healthy. But for me, I know I feel better when I replace whole wheat pasta with spiralized vegetables.

Instant Pot


I found this amazing kitchen tool through Nom Nom Paleo. Scroll down. She’s got a whole list of recipes for the Instant Pot pressure cooker. It’s basically like a crockpot but cooks things much faster. People who own these are called “pot heads”.  To be honest though, I haven’t used this gadget too much. I owned it in Hawaii but it was just too hot to cook things in it. I do plan to use it more often when the weather gets colder.

Latte Frother


I received this frother for free at a conference a few years ago and I use it daily to mix up my level-up latte. This is also good for those of you who love Bulletproof Coffee. Just bring it with you to the coffee house and mix in your butter without strange looks. Actually, people will probably want to know where you got such a cool tool. It’s easy to travel with and it’s extremely easy to clean. Plus it’s not too noisy so it doesn’t draw too much attention. It was one of those kitchen tools that I didn’t know I needed until I got it.

Do you have a favorite essential kitchen tool? If so, let me know in the comments below.




What I Ate Wednesday is a food gawking link-up party created by Jenn and hosted by Laura and Arman each Wednesday. Join me as I share some things I ate.


Hi again, weekly food gawkers. Welcome back to paradise. And by ‘paradise’ I now mean the Pacific Northwest. A little part of me misses Kauai. Fun fact: it was only one year ago today that I moved there. It feels like an eternity ago.

I’m so much happier and better off where I am now.

How about we look at some Whole30 week 3 meals instead of dwelling on what could have been and what now is.

This is the first thing I consume every morning.

FullSizeRender 82

It’s apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a pinch of sea salt, a dash of cayenne, and 5 drops of liquid stevia in water.

Then I drink a level-up latte.

FullSizeRender 79

If you’re wondering what that white stuff is in the Pyrex dish, it’s coconut cream (the brown can from Trader Joe’s). It has the consistency of cool whip when cold but melts perfectly into my latte. I’ve been known to also use it on top of frozen berries for a super delicious snack.

Here are some examples of lunches from this past week.

FullSizeRender 84

This one is a homemade turkey burger on a sweet potato ‘bun’. Plus salad topped with Tessemae’s balsamic vinaigrette and pineapple on the side. Pineapple has also been my snack of choice this past week.

FullSizeRender 83

This was a super simple and quick lunch. I made a bowl of guacamole from half an avocado and a tablespoon of salsa verde and threw some leftover fajita chicken on top.

FullSizeRender 80

Here’s some rotisserie chicken and zoodles sauteed with some chipotle lime mayo. Plus kale chips on the side because those are now a staple in my diet.

Dinners were quick and simple as well. I’m all about quick and simple.


This was steak, cauli-rice (the frozen stuff from Trader Joe’s), pineapple and cilantro fried up in some coconut aminos.


I was inspired by Ben Greenfield’s kids to make this (they presented a recipe demo at Paleo f(x)). I guess it’s paleo pad thai, but mine didn’t contain crickets. Just chicken, zoodles, and cabbage slaw all cooked up in a sauce made from red boat fish sauce, coconut aminos, and chipotle lime mayo.

Last but not least…


Here’s some pan-seared salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts. It’s funny because if you told me 10 years ago that both salmon and Brussels sprouts would be some of my favorite foods I would have vomitted in my mouth a little bit. But not now. I love both these things and could eat them daily.

How has your taste in food changed over the past 10 years?