Grab a glass of iced tea and sit down for some good reads. It’s the Wholesome Weekend Roundup featuring my top health and wellness links from around the web this week.


Poor Fitness Now = Small Brain Later – As if you needed yet another reason to workout. But here you go.

New Study Links Alcohol to These 7 Different Types of Cancer – Another case for sobriety. I’m all for it. Alcohol and I don’t get along. Though I’ve been known to drink some wine and kick back a Moscow mule from time to time. Apparently your cancer risk isn’t dependent on how much you drink. Though I’m sure drinking more frequently raises your risk.

How Statins Degenerate Your Brain Health – I would rather die than take a statin. I finally convinced my mom to stop taking them. Still working on my dad.

Chilling Testimony From a Cancer Cell Specialist Makes One Thing Utterly Obvious About Our Food – Vote with your dollar and buy organic when possible. And read the article to find out why you should never ever buy conventional strawberries.

Ketone Drink May Help Athletes Unlock Greater Metabolic Human Potential – Another case for ketosis. I’m all for it and wish I had enough will-power to keto-adapt. One day.

Adopt These Healthy Eating Habits from Around the World – I love the idea of fresh fruit as dessert but this article still won’t convince me to eat more lentils. Bleh!

How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck in Only 90 Seconds – I could have used this technique a few days ago before I paid all that money to see a chiropractor. The left side of my neck was acting up. Probably because I slept on it funny.

Can Drinking More Water Help You Lose Weight? – Drinking more water is one of my health goals. I have no idea why it hasn’t appealed to me lately. I used to carry around a gallon jug with me all day everyday when I lived in California.

Natural High – I keep finding all these articles about how time spent in nature will boost your mood and make you a better person. Time to get outside, people!

Gestational Diabetes and Your Diet – I have quite a few friends who experienced gestational diabetes when they were pregnant. I wonder if they knew how important of a role nutrition plays in preventing it. I’m at high risk of this because I already have PCOS. Thankfully I’m not pregnant, nor do I plan on getting pregnant anytime soon.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool. It’s hot out there!






The other day I went for a trail run. But it wasn’t on just some ordinary trail. It was on the Oregon Trail. Yes, the same one that thousands of pioneers traveled on on their way out west.


Did you ever play Oregon Trail in the computer lab as a kid? I did and it was my favorite thing about elementary school. In fact, I have been known to sneak into the computer lab as a teacher to play Oregon Trail. I borrowed the key to use the computers to “write report cards” but played Oregon Trail instead. Bad idea because I was up ’til midnight writing report cards but good idea because my wagon set the computer’s record for making it to Oregon City in the shortest amount of time with the most amount of money.

The other day I didn’t have a wagon. And thankfully I didn’t die of dysentery. Instead I soaked up the history of the area and imagined what it would be like as a pioneer 160 years ago.


This view is similar to what the pioneers saw as they entered the Treasure Valley.

But today the trail is modernized with electrical towers and telephone wires. And the view below shows houses that weren’t there when the pioneers passed through Fort Boise years ago.

Here are some more scenes from the Oregon Trail.














If you love hiking or running trails and you ever come visit me in Boise, I’m taking you here. No exceptions.


The beauty and the history of this area cannot be beat. I plan to come back here and hike a few times per month. But my ultimate goal is to buy a house in the neighborhood adjacent to these trails. How cool would that be?

Have you ever hiked historical trails?




What I Ate Wednesday is a food gawking link-up party created by Jenn and hosted by Laura and Arman each Wednesday. Join me as I share some things I ate.


I’ve been busy and on the go all week since getting back from Blogfest. I’ve been working as a nanny (with some 12 hour days in there), trying to meet all my goals, running errands, studying for the test I have to take prior to starting my new job, gardening, hanging out with friends, and more. It’s been making me ‘kitchen-lazy’. Also, it’s not that fun spending time in a kitchen when it’s 100 degrees outside. So I opted for quick meals and meals outside the house.

Breakfasts were all blended. I take almond milk, half a frozen banana, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of almond butter, raw cacao powder and a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen peptides and blend it into a delicious shake.

FullSizeRender 158

This would normally also contain a scoop of beauty greens. I ordered some at IdeaWorld but they haven’t been delivered yet. I need to check on those since it’s been almost 2 weeks. Bummer because I used up my free sample the day after I got back from Los Angeles and I’ve been craving this stuff since.

Lunches at home have come from boxes mostly, and quick-to-prep veggies. I found some gluten free fish sticks at Trader Joe’s and I’ve been eating them a lot lately.

FullSizeRender 120

Chipotle Lime Mayo from Primal Kitchen Foods makes the perfect dip for these. So good! I’m so glad I can find this stuff at Whole Foods now.

I’ve also been eating a lot of Applegate Farms gluten-free chicken tenders with Tessemae’s honey mustard sauce for dipping.

FullSizeRender 116

This kale and asparagus was waiting for me in my fridge when I got back. I’m surprised they didn’t go bad.

The other day Discovery Center of Idaho was having Adult Night. I went with a friend but it was kind of underwhelming. Boise Fry Company was catering the event. I had a bison burger salad bowl with a bowl of purple sweet potato fries.

FullSizeRender 155

Their motto is “fries with burgers on the side”. Because Idaho is famous for its potatoes. My license plate even says so. This place has a bunch of salts and dips you can use for your fries. I mixed jalapeno salt with garlic-rosemary salt and dipped my fries in spicy fry sauce (mayo + ketchup + tabasco sauce), blueberry ketchup (so good!) and garlic aioli.

I also made a quick taco salad for myself the other night.

FullSizeRender 157

Snacks this week included a bag of rhythm kale chips. I had a coupon and was too lazy to make my own.

FullSizeRender 154

And this kalamata olive cottage cheese cup from Good Culture.

FullSizeRender 156

They had a booth at IdeaWorld but I didn’t try it there. So when I saw them sampling it at Whole Foods this weekend, I tried it and they gave me a $1.00 off coupon. It wasn’t bad but I won’t buy it again.

Do you get ‘kitchen-lazy’ after coming home from vacation or when it’s really hot out?