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Hi. How’s it going? I was kind of feeling sorry for myself this past week and that needs to stop. A pity party every now and then is not a terrible thing but I do it too often. I was contemplating past decisions and my future and it was getting me down. So much so that I ate an entire pizza on Thursday night. Don’t worry. It was a gluten-free pizza from Capello’s. But still, overindulging due to feeling sorry for myself is not good. Even when the feelings of sorriness were self-induced. Or whatever.

But then I woke up Friday morning and realized that it was one year ago that day that I made a great decision that would change my life for the better. I was living on the island of Kauai and I decided that I’d had enough of island life. Spending five plus years with an unmotivated loser was getting me nowhere. I told my boss that I was leaving my kindergarten teaching job and I bought a one-way plane ticket back to the mainland. Decisions can be tough, but sometimes they’re for the best. And then I realized that my most recent decisions were for the best too. Even if they kind of don’t seem like it at the moment. Hurting people is never easy. And being hurt is just as bad.

I also recently decided that I might want to live in a tiny house in the Boise area complete with a vegetable garden. But that’s something for the future and I need to focus more on the present.

Speaking of the present. Here are some things I presently ate this past weekend.

I wasn’t feeling the flax bread this week so I’ve been having a fried egg with a cup of bone broth and tea.

Our temperatures have been warmer but it was still gloomy and rainy all weekend. So warm beverages were necessary.

For lunch I sauteed some red cabbage and kale in coconut oil and topped it with this new seasoning from Trader Joe’s. Plus ground beef on the side because it’s delicious.

I headed into work with a packed dinner. This included chicken salad made with Primal Kitchen Foods chipotle lime mayo that I wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Plus a bag of Epic pork rinds. I didn’t eat them all.

I also experimented with coconut butter, 88% dark chocolate, mac nuts and sea salt to create some type of candy thing.

Days are always better when they end with chocolate consumption, don’t you agree?


Grab a cup of tea and sit down for some good reads. It’s the Wholesome Weekend Roundup featuring my top health and wellness links from around the web this week.


PUFA’s: The Worst Thing For Your Health That You Eat Everyday – I was dating this guy a while ago and saw canola oil and margarine in his house the first time I went over there. That was the end of our dating. So not only are PUFA’s bad for you, but they are a huge turn-off.

Health Benefits of Camping Now Include Major Sleep Improvements – Some of the best sleep I’ve ever gotten was when I was camping on Pismo Beach in California and Polihale State Beach on Kauai. I wouldn’t mind trying some mountain camping now that I’m in Idaho.

Blood Pressue, Vitamin D and the Sun – Sun exposure has numerous benefits yet we’re told to avoid it. If the sun makes plants grow healthy and strong, and a lack of sun makes plants die, then wouldn’t the same be true for all living things? Don’t shun the sun!

10 Tips for Teaching Kids to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food – This is so important because a lot of kids are super picky. I love the fifth suggestion because kids menus are full of crappy carbage. Kids can eat “adult food” instead of deep fried chicken fingers or mac & cheese and it won’t kill them.

5 Easy Exercises to Improve Posture – I need these exercises and chances are you do too.

Many Americans Unaware of Important Heart Health Numbers – Heart disease is preventable but most Americans don’t think twice about it. Do you know the risk factors and do you know your numbers?

How to Hack Jet Lag with Science – Travel is fun but experiencing jet lag after returning from your vacation is not.

MTHFR: What the Bleep is It? – Good question. Do you know about the MTHFR gene mutation? Do you have it? Here’s some important information for you if you’re curious about it.

Scientifically-Designed Fasting Diet Lowers Risk for Major Diseases – I would not be opposed to trying a fasting protocol for disease prevention. Perhaps I’ll give it a try someday.

10 Signs You Could Be Insulin Resistant – I see quite a few of these signs in so many people. Does that mean that we’re all walking around as insulin resistant time bombs?

One-Third of Slim Americans Have Pre-Diabetes  – Diabetes is not exclusive to those who are overweight and/or obese. Know your risks and know your numbers.

Low-Carb Diets Should be Reinstated as Pillars of Diabetes Control – A low-carb diet is great for diabetes prevention. Because, as the above article states, even slim people are at risk.

It finally feels like Spring where I’m at. But with that comes heavy rain all weekend long. Stay dry and enjoy some sunshine this weekend if you can.












In case you haven’t heard, butter is back.

Of course some nutrition experts warn that it should still be consumed in moderation (source). But given the choice between butter and margarine, always choose butter. After all, it’s practically a superfood. Which is way more than can be said about margarine. Now, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why eating butter over margarine is a good idea.

Butter is Nutrient Dense

Butter is full of beneficial fatty acids and nutrients such as vitamins A, E, D, and K, antioxidants, and minerals such as selenium, manganese, chromium, zinc, and copper. It supplies your body with conjugated linoleic acid, butyric acid, arachidonic acid, lauric acid, omega-3’s (if from grass-fed sources, as it should always be), and glycosphingolipids to protect against gut infections.

Butter Increases Vitamin Absorption

Many of the essential vitamins your body needs are fat soluble. Eating a low-fat diet is counterintuitive since it doesn’t allow for proper vitamin absorption. Eating butter, a source of healthy fats along with essential vitamins and minerals, allows for good absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.

Butter is a Natural Fat

Butter, unlike margarine and vegetable oils, is a natural fat that’s been used in traditional diets for hundreds and thousands of years. It’s produced by nature rather than inside a lab. Our bodies would rather take in natural sources that we can recognize as opposed to some sort of lab experiment. In fact, even ants agree that butter is the better and more natural choice.

Butter Boosts Your Immune System

When you consume butter, you’re allowing for the absorption of more fat-soluble vitamins. Better vitamin absorption contributes to a stronger immune system since certain vitamins are required to fight off foreign viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

Butter is Good For Your Hormones

Butter has been shown to contribute to healthy regulation of body hormones. Again, this is done through proper vitamin and mineral absorption. Your body needs natural fats and cholesterol to manufacture certain hormones.

Butter is a Brain Food

Butter is abundant in DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, which is a primary structural component of the human brain. Consuming more butter has been shown to help protect the brain from oxidative stress. It’s literally fuel for your brain, since fat is the brain’s preferred fuel source. Your brain is made up mostly of fat, after all.

Butter Helps You Stay Full

Because butter is full of natural fat, eating it may help you feel full for a longer period of time. This leads to less snacking throughout the day and cuts back your consumption of empty calories. In turn, you are less likely to consume sugary snacks and simple carbohydrates between meals. So weight loss is also a side benefit of eating more butter.

Butter is Good For Male and Female Health

Consuming more butter has been shown to increase levels of testosterone in men, which in turn allows men to build more muscle. As for women’s health, studies have shown that women who consumed more butter had less PMS symptoms and fertility issues.

Butter Makes Your Kids Look Good

Kids grow better on butter. Vitamin A, found in butter, is necessary for the healthy growth of children. Without the vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids found in butter, kids are born with more narrow faces and skeletal structures, small palates and crowded teeth. Extreme deficiencies may even lead to blindness, skeletal problems and other birth defects. People who have gotten the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids since conception have broader faces, straighter teeth (no need for expensive braces and dental work), and excellent bone structure.

Butter is Delicious

Duh. This one needs no explanation. Butter makes a bunch of foods taste better. But it’s crucial to make sure that your butter is coming from a trusted source. Please make sure you’re consuming butter from grass-fed cows that’s preferably organic.

How do you enjoy eating more butter?