Grab a glass of iced tea and sit down for some good reads. It’s the Wholesome Weekend Roundup featuring my top health and wellness links from around the web this week.


Is Your Thyroid Really Running the Show? – This article suggests that your thyroid isn’t doing you any favors if you eat grains. Of course it’s written by the doc that wrote Wheat Belly. But I still think the info here is valid. I can literally feel my thyroid functioning better when I avoid eating grains.

Cracking the Back-to-School Code – Biohack the school year. Dave Asprey shows you how. But really, this stuff is mostly common sense and should be getting done anyway. I love this quote by the way: “Sugar is straight kryptonite for kids…” As a former teacher I can validate that. Please, for the love of your child’s teacher, don’t give them sugary snacks!! Hummus and carrots, fruit or string cheese makes a much better snack.

12 Ways to Overcome Constipation – Can’t poop?  If you’re a human being who “poops from your butt” you need to read this extensive post about shit. There’s some great poop advice on here and this really makes me want to get a squatty potty. I added it to my Christmas list, in case you were wondering.

Nature Heals – You know I love my pro-nature articles! This one shares research on how living in an urban area (i.e. Los Angeles) causes anxiety and living in an area with great access to nature (i.e. Boise) can extend your lifespan.

Diet Quality and the Attractiveness of Male Body Odor – This is an abstract to an article that can be purchased, but here’s the basic idea: Men smell more attractive to women if they eat meat, healthy fats and brightly colored fruits and veggies (basically a paleo diet). This makes total sense from a biological standpoint. Perhaps my smelly, ranch-Dorito-loving ex should take note.

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy for Kids? – Nope! And if you raise vegan kids in Italy, you may face jail time.

Why Training Your Tendons is Important (And 11 Ways to do It) – My tendons love to be trained. Seriously. You should especially check out #11. And then go purchase a MyoBuddy Massager Pro. Use code Wholesome16 for $50 off plus free shipping!

Still Think Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real? – It’s real, alright! My head, thyroid and tendons (see above link) can attest to that.

‘I Fought Brain Cancer by Quitting Carbs’ – See, your brain loves fat. Here’s the proof. And also, this is one possible cure for cancer. So why are we giving so much money to cancer “charities” when an answer already exists?

An Unconventional Cardiologist Promotes a High Fat Diet – “Too often people rely on pills as an antidote to poor diet and other unhealthy behaviors. A lot of people feel that they can eat whatever they want and just take a statin and not have to worry about exercise.” This pretty much sums up why we’re in the mess we’re in and how a diet higher in fat and lower in ‘bad stuff’ can help get us out of it.

I’m off to go eat some fatty bacon now. Have a wonderful week.









Are you wondering what I’m loving lately? Well you’re in luck! Each Friday Heather hosts a link-up party for bloggers to showcase some of their favorite things. You can check in here on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month for some of my current favorites. I also have a favorites page full of my everyday healthy must-haves. So check that out as well.

favorite travel snacks

I can take full advantage of my travel benefits now. But I should probably wait until after Labor day weekend. And I have to go to Denver for more training courses soon so maybe I shouldn’t make plans just yet. I’m eager to see the world, but I also don’t want to see it from a hangry point of view. That’s why I always pack my favorite travel snacks to take along with me. Here they are in no particular order.

Seasnax Roasted Seaweed Snack Packs

FullSizeRender 196

Many of the roasted seaweed snack pack brands use low quality oils in the roasting process. Not Seasnax. All of their seaweed is roasted in olive oil. On top of that, these snack packs are kid-friendly, paleo, Whole30 approved, organic, and guarenteed to be GMO free. They really are strangely addictive. And they come in a variety of delicious flavors. I bring these snack packs with me everywhere I travel. You can find these in most health food stores or you can order some here.

Inka Crop Plantain Chips

FullSizeRender 195

I admit, I’m somewhat addicted to the saltiness and crunchiness of these plantain chips from Inka Crop. Again, these chips are paleo and non-GMO project verified. They satisfy that craving for something salty and crunchy and they’re great for dipping. I love them with guacamole. They can even be sneaked into a Mexican restaurant and used in place of corn chips. Or they can be eaten straight out of the bag on a road trip or airplane since they don’t make much of a mess at all. I can’t guarantee I’ll share a bag with you if we’re traveling together, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Epic Bars and Snack Packs

FullSizeRender 191

A bar made of meat? Yes! I love these Epic meat bars. If you’re traveling a long distance without time for an adequate meal stop, pack some Epic bars for a protein fix. These things fill me up and keep me satisfied until I can get a real meal.

FullSizeRender 194

Epic expanded their product line recently to include delicious snack packs. This one is the uncured bacon lust pack from their Hunt & Harvest line. The bacon comes in a separate compartment to maintain freshness, but you can pull up the center of the pack and mix both sides together. It’s a fun treat and it’ll fill you up.

Evo Hemp Bars

FullSizeRender 192

These Evo Hemp bars are a great protein bar alternative. They come in several delicious flavors and will satisfy that need for something sort of sweet. I love that these bars aren’t overly sweet. They remind me of Lara Bars but with a more “Earthy” flavor. The cashew cacao flavor is my favorite one.

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars

FullSizeRender 180

This dark chocolate almond bar from Primal Kitchen is another great alternative to crappy quality protein bars and sugary candy bars. What’s especially awesome about this snack is that it’s made with grass-fed collagen. That’s a great source of protein. Unlike the Evo Bars, these bars aren’t vegan. But they’re paleo-friendly, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, and delicious. I like that they’re slightly salty and not overly sweet.

Have you tried any of these snacks?

What are your favorite travel snacks?


What I Ate Wednesday is a food gawking link-up party created by Jenn and hosted by Laura and Arman each Wednesday. Join me as I share some things I ate.


Happy Wednesday! Last week I mentioned that I was in a car accident and I thought my car sustained no damage. Boy was I wrong! My car has been at a local collision center since last Thursday and I’m not expected to get it back until Friday. It turns out that the exhaust pipe jammed into something important and the back door was extremely dented. Thankfully the other lady’s insurance company is covering the nearly $3,000 bill for damage repair. Who knew? I didn’t even notice the dent underneath the spare tire until the lady at the collision center pointed it out to me. She said it’s a common thing with CR-Vs. On the bright side, I’ve been given a nice new Hyundai Elantra to drive until all repairs are done to my car. If you ever need a car rental, Enterprise is the way to go. And NEVER Hertz.

Other things that happened this week include work work work. I drove a jet bridge all on my own and didn’t crash into an airplane! I’m really loving my new job. It’s so nice not going back into a stuffy, stress-filled classroom. I’m still going to be subbing a few days per month. In fact, I have my last sub orientation class this afternoon. Schools started today around here so I can start subbing at any time after today’s class.

On Friday I headed up to Silver City ghost town with a friend.

FullSizeRender 200

I love history so this was an exciting trip. Even though the winding dirt road around the mountain was scary.

I also got to babysit my favorite Spiderman on Saturday afternoon.

And I ate yummy things.

I tried making one of Leanne‘s recipes for fudgy muffins with some minor modifications. I added maple syrup in place of the original sweetener and omitted the flax. Ooops.

FullSizeRender 204

They still tasted good.

I even ate a bag full of crumbs for breakfast along with a green smoothie the other morning.

FullSizeRender 202

Ground turkey, zoodles and YellowBarn marinara sauce has been a quick go-to lunch for me lately.

FullSizeRender 203

Some people need a 3pm caffeine fix to get them through the remainder of their day. Not me! I’ve been on an energizing juicing kick lately using the blend & strain method.

FullSizeRender 207

This one contained water, kale, carrots, lemon, apple and ginger.

Dinner was honey mustard drumsticks with salad.

FullSizeRender 205

Then I snuck in a dark chocolate square dipped in Nuttzo power fuel.

FullSizeRender 206

By the way, there’s still time to enter my awesome giveaway for a MyoBuddy Massager Pro. Just click here for details. It’s like a car buffer for your muscles and I’m pretty sure you need it! However, if you’re not feeling lucky you can purchase a MyoBuddy Massager Pro using the coupon code Paradise16 to save $50 off and receive free shipping. What a deal!

Have you ever visited a ghost town?

Have you ever had a tasty baking fail?