It boggles my mind how inconsiderate and aloof some people are becoming. I’m not talking about certain people, but society in general. There are a good handful of people that live each day in a brain fog, not realizing that they’re inconveniencing others. A lot of it stems from use of cell phones. I see this with parents who are more concerned with checking their Instagram likes than making sure their children aren’t lighting airport lobbies on fire. Seriously.

Also, can we talk about how gross it is that people don’t wash their hands after they use the potty? I saw this more than once today. Maybe those people didn’t take shits and felt that it wasn’t necessary to wash their hands after using the bathroom. But they still touched everything that someone else touched with their poop hands. Gross! I’m not a germaphobe. I’m just perturbed by peoples’ lack of consideration for others.

Anyway, it’s time to check out what I ate today. Because that’s why you’re really here.


I am loving cold chocolate avocado smoothies recently.

Especially because it’s been so hot lately. I also had ACV lemonade and rooibos tea with a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen peptides with this meal.


I had the chance to take a short break around noon so I ate two slices of Applegate Farms roast beef.

When I finally got a break for lunch, I ate mixed greens with veggies and shredded chicken coated in Primal Kitchen Foods chipotle lime mayo. This was all drenched in a homemade avocado oil vinaigrette.

A woman that I had never met came up to me to tell me that she had the best time at her family reunion in Boise this past weekend. Her sister-in-law works for a local chocolate company called SuperFoods and she wanted to give me this chocolate bar. How sweet.

I had a large piece and shared the rest with my coworkers.


I came home and made myself a repeat of the other night’s dinner. But I learned my lesson and added the red sauce after I was done browning the ground pork so that it wouldn’t look like a gross pile of raw meat. I added truffle salt to the roasted cauliflower and broccoli.

I ended my night with a brisk 45 minute walk around my neighborhood followed by some reading.

Aloha. Today was hot. Then it started raining. And now there’s a thunderstorm raging outside as I type this out. I love Boise!


I’m predictable. I had tea with vital proteins, ACV lemonade, and a chocolate avocado smoothie.


I took some chard leaves and wrapped them up with some Applegate roast beef. Then I dipped them in mustard.

This was not the most delicious thing ever but it held me over until the BBQ I went to later in the day. I also ate some dark chocolate.


I met up with some friends at Eagle Island State Park later in the afternoon. I guess you could call this dinner, but it was eaten around 4:00pm.

I may have sneaked in a few chips and some fruit with this meal as well. I was still a little hungry when I got home so I had an avocado with TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning.

I also ate a piece of flaxbread with butter. I’m not even sure I should call this a ‘keto’ challenge. It’s a learning experience for sure though. What I’ve discovered is that I tend to do better with some carb cycling as far as energy goes. I’m still looking forward to doing things Patrick’s way for the last 30 days of my challenge. So until then I may be sneaking in more chips and fruit. Though I’ve learned that I have no brakes around any type of item that resembles a chip. I won’t be buying any because I don’t want them in my house. Also, chocolate is a ‘no brakes’ type of food for me, sadly. So it needs to go. Or I just need to figure out how to have some self control around that stuff.

And then there were only 40 days left…

Let’s make this quick because it’s late for me and I want to sleep.


I made a chocolate avocado smoothie. I forgot to take a picture. But do you really need to see it? I make it most days of the week now so you’ve seen it before.


I had some free time around noon to actually eat my chicken salad. It was just shredded chicken and a sliced pickle coated in Primal Kitchen Foods chipotle lime mayo. But I didn’t have time to eat my entire salad. So I finally got an official lunch break around 2:30 and ate some romaine and a sliced radish with avocado oil dressing.

I ate chocolate too. Because I felt like it. It was the 85% dark bar from Fred Meyer’s (Kroger or Von’s to all you people not in the PNW region).


This looks more gross that it was.

Well the cauliflower and broccoli don’t look gross (unless you think cauliflower and broccoli are gross to begin with). But the ground pork covered in Yellow Barn putanesca sauce looks gross. At least I think it does. But it was actually a really good combo and I’m glad I found that jar of sauce on sale the other day. I had more chocolate after dinner.

Things are going to change a little bit in this challenge. I’m saving the big changes for the last 30 days. For the next 10 days I’m just going to eat what I want and not stress too much about it. Because that’s no fun.