#100KetoDays: Forty-Four

Hi. I’m back from SLC. It was hot there and I had fun. If you read yesterday’s recap that I posted earlier, you’ll see that I wasn’t ‘keto’ while I was there. Today was better.


Bethany gave me some coffee with coconut creamer and it filled me up. I also ate blueberries, olives, and mac nuts as well. My plane was supposed to leave SLC at 9:50am but it didn’t leave until just after 11:30 due to a maintenance delay. That worked in my favor because not only did I get a good seat, I also had no one sitting next to me. I landed in Boise around 12:30pm.


I had to stop at Trader Joe’s on my way home from the airport to pick up lemons, Gerolsteiner and broccoli. I also bought myself a bag of freeze dried broccoli to snack on on the way home. It tastes better than it sounds. I chugged a bottle of Gerolsteiner and also had a piece of flaxbread with butter. Then I headed to the library, the chiropractor, and the gym. I made myself a tray of kale chips when I got home.

I also drank a stick pack of Vital Proteins cucumber aloe beauty water and ate a pickle with this too. Clearly, grocery shopping is on the agenda tomorrow.


I didn’t have any protein thawed out so I cooked myself a chili lime chicken patty from Trader Joe’s. And even though I have fresh broccoli and kale in my fridge, I opted for frozen green beans sauteed in butter with garlic as my veggie.

I shoved more than enough coconut butter into my mouth for dessert and called it an early night. There’s a thunderstorm on the way and I decided to stay in and watch a show called Love on Netflix. I know Orange is the New Black is back, but I’m gonna try to finish Love before I binge watch the new season of Orange.

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