#100KetoDays: Fifty-Three

Hello. Happy Father’s Day! Can someone please help me understand what’s up with my blood sugar? I tested it last night before bed (3 hours after dinner) and got this reading.

That’s a good one. But what puzzles me is that when I tested my fasting glucose first thing upon waking up this morning, this is what I got.

I’m no glucose expert, but I would think that my fasting glucose in the morning would be lower. So tell me why it’s not.


I bought avocados on Friday but they weren’t ripe enough to freeze for smoothies. So I opted for a fast. Kind of. I drank a cup of tea with Vital Proteins collagen and then warmed up some bone broth. That was breakfast. And you know what? That’s all I had until around 3:00pm and I didn’t die of starvation. Well, actually I had a bottle of Pellegrino and some filtered water, but that was it.


I made coconut curry soup. Yum. yum.

It doesn’t look too appetizing but it is.


The lettuce and micro greens were supposed to be part of lunch but I didn’t feel like eating them at lunchtime. So I took them home and made them part of my dinner. I still have 7 of these Costco chicken sausages to eat. They’re not terrible. But they’re also not my favorite. How did you celebrate Father’s Day today?


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