#100KetoDays: Seventy-Four

I’m feeling a bit better today. Taking it easy yesterday and listening to my body really helped with that. Patrick also helped by bringing over an arsenal of herbal remedies this morning.

I feel bad because I think I might have exposed him to this virus. Sorry, Pat!


I woke up late and drank green tea right away. I waited about 2 hours to eat so I’m calling this brunch.

It’s a diced chicken sausage, a scrambled egg, broccoli, cauliflower, and truffle salt.

I drank more bone broth throughout the day. But mostly I kept myself busy cleaning my house and didn’t really think about food until dinner time.


This is just some mixed greens with shredded chicken coated in harissa mayo from Chosen Foods. I also added a homemade avocado oil dressing. I followed this meal with more supplements, ACV lemonade and rooibos tea. Time to read and then rest. My plan is to not have to call in sick to work tomorrow. But I’m actually thinking one more day of rest is what I really need.



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