Currently: August 2017


Current Mood: Stagnant

I need a purpose or something. Or maybe a hobby. I’m ready for some changes. But in a good way.

Current Book: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

I’m thinking of going back to school and this is one of the ‘required readings’ that I’m getting an early start on.

Current Song: “Act Appalled” by Circa Survive

I like these guys and I’m hoping to see them live at some point this fall. Been listening to their older stuff since I just can’t get into the new stuff. It’s more whiny and I just can’t even.

Current Food: Eggs fresh from the farm (or actually Tolman Ranch in eastern Oregon)

Would you look at those yolks?! That’s how you know they’re fresh and nutritious. But…according to the lame ‘unscientific’ What the Health documentary, this is the equivalent of smoking 10 cigarettes. Puh-lease!

Current Drink: Bulletproof coffee

Never mind that it’s triple digit temps out my front door. This stuff gets me going in the morning and I’m loving it. It’s especially awesome with a heaping tablespoon of 4th & Heart Madagascar vanilla bean ghee.

Current Indulgence: Eating Evolved coconut butter cups

O-M-G! Try these. You’ll thank me. I’m going to try recreating something like this in my own kitchen.

Current TV Show: Breaking Bad

I just started watching season 3. I’m not a huge TV watcher so I’ve been slacking on this show. I started watching it from the beginning last fall.

Current Need: A hug and some more furniture.

Current Stress Relief: Coffee. Yes, it counts as stress relief. I never understood until I got back into drinking it on an almost daily basis. I get up early, drink my coffee, and read some pages in a book. That right there is a great, stress-free way to start the day.

Current Excitement: I got a new roommate!

Isn’t he adorable?

Current Link:

Thinking about doing this program. They have a course in Boise starting in September. Not 100% convinced yet and will be heading to their open house later this month. Take a look at the link and tell me what you think…

Current Thought: This is a random thought I was thinking about after I read an article online. You know how some food companies use beaver anal gland secretions as a flavor enhancer? (So gross, by the way!) Who was the first guy who tried beaver anal gland secretions and thought, “Wow, this will add some good flavor to all the processed food crap we’re trying to sell!”? I would not want to be that guy. Just saying…

I’m linking up to Katie’s Marvelous Monday link-up party today. Check it out.

What are some current things going on with you? Pick a “current” and share it with me in the comments below.





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