A Week of Changes

This past week has gone by fast. There were a bunch of changes. All is good though so don’t worry. I got a new roommate…plus his owner. Or is it master? I’m not a pet person, but I do love cats. This is King. He’s super sweet…on his own terms. Kind of like me.

I’ve kind of been thinking a lot lately. I have a job interview lined up for Friday but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I’m beyond qualified for the position but I’m not sure I want it. I am still leaning toward going back to school for nutritional therapy. But I haven’t pulled the trigger on it just yet.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so let’s check out some weekly meal highlights.

I’ve been drinking bulletproof coffee most mornings.

I also took this sample of mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic to work with me yesterday.

I met some of the guys that started this company a few years back and they’re just the nicest people. I really liked this stuff. It’s an earthy, acquired taste though so don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s definitely not for everyone.

My lunches have been BAS (big ass salads).

It’s so simple to throw these things in a bowl each morning to take to work with me.

I snacked on some of these chicharrones from 4505 Meats.

I like these better than the Epic brand ones.

Patrick made me dinner the other night.

Then I made him a chocolate avocado pie because I was super proud of him for getting a promotion at work.

This is a modified recipe kind of like the one found here. I didn’t use cold brew coffee so I can’t call it ‘mocha’. Instead I added vanilla extract and a tiny bit of coconut milk. It was so delicious. I need to make more treats like this and spend more time in the kitchen. It’s fun baking things for other people.

Do you like baking treats for other people?

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