Wholesome Weekend Roundup: 9/16/17

Grab a cup of tea and sit down for some good reads. It’s the Wholesome Weekend Roundup featuring my top health and wellness links from around the web this week.


How Eating Carbs Can Help Heal Your Hormones – There are studies that look at the effects of low-carb diets on thyroid hormone production. And actually, thyroid hormone levels are better when people are eating more carbs. But make sure you’re eating the right types of carbs. Wonder Bread will not suffice.

How Sugar Feeds Cancer Growth – Take the sugars out of your diet if you want to starve cancer cells.

Omega 3 Helps the Gut Stay Healthy – Omega 3 intake can actually improve the diversity of your gut microbiome. But definitely make sure that your omega 3 to omega 6 ratios are in balance.

Is Caffeine the One Thing Standing Between You and Optimal Health? – I hope not! I really love my morning cups of green tea and the occasional cup of bulletproof coffee. I’m a slow caffeine metabolizer so I need to be careful.

Nose to Tail: The Nutritional Value of Eating the Whole Animal – Our ancestors used the whole animal. They weren’t just eating bland muscle meats. I’ve been making my own bone broth for a while now. I should try eating liver. But ick! I think that taking Vital Proteins beef liver pills is as close as I’m gonna get for now. By the way, I’m out of these and I could definitely use more. Because vitamin A, B12 and Whole30.

Blood Pressure Can Be Significantly Lowered in Just One Month With Magnesium – Start popping those mag pills, guys! I like these the best. This powdered stuff is decent too if you’re not into swallowing giant pills.

Searching for the Causes of Cancer – Know the cause, know the cure. It might be more simple than doctors make it seem. But you don’t want ‘simple’ because simple involves lifestyle changes that you’re not ready for.

Get Up, Stand Up! – I don’t ever want to work a 9-5 desk job. I have too short of an attention span to sit all day.

Hormone Therapy Isn’t As Risky As Once Thought – Yes, yes it is. Why would you think putting synthetic hormones into your body isn’t a risk? Your body should know what it’s doing (keyword: ‘should’) and shouldn’t require help from synthetics.

Antibiotics: Risks and Alternatives – Antibiotics are definitely over-prescribed and overused. There are several alternatives that won’t disrupt your gut. However, fecal transplant is not one I’m willing to try.

How Weight Loss Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes – Losing weight helps with blood sugar control. But you must eat well and workout consistently if you truly want to reverse your type 2 diabetes. A ‘Biggest Loser’ style crash diet and over-exercising won’t solve your problems long-term.

Can You Reverse Cognitive Decline? – This article/video interview says ‘yes you can!’.







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  1. I got really in to Nose to Tail a few years ago. It was huge in Atlanta and every restaurant had some crazy menu item relate dot the concept. I still won’t eat sweet breads though. Blech!

    September 19, 2017

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