Stuff I Ate: 10/11/17

Happy Wednesday, friends. Can we all come to an agreement that overdone statement sleeves are a no? Also, can we all agree that Autumn is the perfect time to eat soup? I’ve been eating a lot of it lately. Speaking of eating, that’s kind of why you’re here.

So here are some things I ate this past week.

Breakfast was bulletproof coffee.

Chilly mornings require warm beverages. I was up early studying digestion before work.

Lunch was leftover ‘cream’ of chicken soup with mushrooms and kale.

So good! And so comforting. This is also the first recipe I added to my new site. Don’t expect frequent recipe posting. I’m no recipe developer. Some people are gifted in that area but I prefer simple foods and easy kitchen cleanup. Recipe development doesn’t usually work in favor of either of those things.

I snacked on some chocolate chips and mac nuts during recess.

Dinner was shredded chicken, greens with kraut, roasted broccoli, and flaxbread with butter.

I followed this up with tea and more studying. I feel like it never ends. But it will actually end in June and then I’ll officially be a nutritionist. So excited for that. I’m looking for a few people who wouldn’t mind being case studies. It’s basically free nutrition advice if you’re interested.





  1. I love the looks to the soup! I’ll be checking that out. I soooo wish it would cool down here and actually be soup weather.

    October 11, 2017
  2. Stephanie said:

    You’ll get your soup weather in June when it’s all gross and gloomy.

    October 12, 2017

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