Stuff I Ate: 11/1/17

Yesterday morning I made the best omelet I’ve ever made.

I get better at making these every time I make them. See, practice makes perfect. This one contained raw goat’s milk cheddar and sauteed mushrooms. Everything was covered in white truffle salt ghee from 4th & Heart. I washed it down with some green tea.

Can you believe it’s already November? This year has zipped by. Only 2 more months until it’s 2018. Which also means only 2 more months until I am old enough to run for president. I should run, huh? I’d do a better job than our current one. But so would a blind and deaf chimpanzee so that’s not saying much.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday and you’re here for more food.

I made a big batch of beef stew and have been eating it for lunch the last several days.

That’s a small slice of raw goat’s milk cheddar in my hand if you’re wondering. Not pictured is the pack of olives from Trader Joe’s that I ate for snack. I was good and didn’t eat any candy on Halloween. I also didn’t have any Trick-or-Treaters come to my house last night so now I’m left with candy leftovers. Those are going to my coworkers. Unless you want them. Because I don’t.

Dinner was chicken and roasted veggies covered in Coconut Secret teriyaki sauce.

Like I said last week, I am doing this Instagram and photo optimizing course. I plan on using some of my free time this weekend to “rebrand” and build a photo light box. You can find more from me over at Real Food Education. That’s my NTP site. It’s still a work in progress. I was planning to do a photo shoot outdoors on Saturday for some new pictures but it’s supposed to rain. Bummer. I guess I’ll just stick with stock photos for now. Or maybe I’ll move the shoot indoors. Any tips or tricks to get more people to read my blog and follow me on social media? I’m a ‘noob’ when it comes to this stuff. I’m not the type to sit in front of social media for hours and try to figure it out.


  1. That omelet really does look amazing! We had several trick or treaters and luckily just about ran out of candy. My husband will eat the leftovers, lol

    November 1, 2017
    • Stephanie said:

      My leftover candy was placed on the teacher’s lounge table this morning and by noon it was gone.

      November 1, 2017

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