Stuff I Ate: 11/15/17

Happy mid-November. It’s cold and I’m drinking a mug of Bulletproof Coffee to warm me up.

Homemade butternut squash soup has been helping warm me up as well.

Almond crusted chicken tenders and a small side salad of mixed greens and kraut rounded out this meal.

I tried another new flavor of Farmhouse Culture’s Gut Punch probiotic drinks.

The strawberry hibiscus one is better than this one. I won’t be trying their cola flavor since I’m not a fan of Coke or Pepsi. The ginger lemon one might make an appearance on here soon, even though I ran out of my Farmhouse Culture freebie coupons.

For dinner I’ve been making some type of protein and roasted veggies.

Pictured here is ground pork meatballs topped with chopped garlic. Dark chocolate and herbal tea were also consumed.

What are your weekend plans? I’m headed downtown for a 3-day NTP workshop that I’m ridiculously excited about. I finally get to meet my classmates in person and learn all about functional evaluations. I’ll have a more detailed update for you next Wednesday. But until then, head over to Real Food Education because I’m posting a bunch of Thanksgiving recipes that I found among the interwebs this past week.

And thanks, Laura, for hosting What I Ate Wednesday, as always.


  1. Hope your conference goes well. The new site looks great BTW. I found that drink at WF this week but they were sold out of the strawberry flavor you’ve had and the cola was the only one in stock. I passed as that definitely wasn’t appealing.

    November 15, 2017
    • Stephanie said:

      Thanks! Yeah, the cola flavor sounds gross. But I get the appeal for those people who need some probiotics and love Coke or Pepsi.

      November 15, 2017

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