Hello again and welcome back to paradise. I’m recovering from a busy weekend, just relaxing on a marvelous Monday morning. It’s so marvelous that I’ve decided to link up to Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday post.


Marley is entertaining himself while I type out this blog post.


As you may have seen on Instagram, I went to the Plantation Days Parade in Old Koloa Town on Saturday morning. It was no Rose Parade but it was still enjoyable. They had typical parade things such as floats.


There were also a bunch of classic cars on parade.


Plus there were horses and poniolo.


There were people trying to raise awareness about certain causes.


And of course, what’s a parade without a marching band?


We brought Marley with us and the marching band was his least favorite. Too loud for his little doggy ears. He made a little friend, a 4-year-old girl, who said his ears were like soft pillows. He was getting all the attention. Maybe next year he should be in the parade.

Ray has an old coworker friend in town from California staying at Kiahuna Plantation with his girlfriend and her son. They invited us over for a BBQ on Saturday evening. We show up and guess who I see!


It’s the birthday boy! He was a student at the school in which I taught at back in California. But he was never my student. He still recognized me and I knew him because he was the student body president and student of the year last year, and some of his friends were my students. What a crazy, small world.

On Sunday morning Ray took him out for a surf lesson. I just sat on the beach with his mom and talked story. Then we joined them at the Poipu Beach Athletic club for lunch at Hapas.

The rest of Sunday was spent house hunting. Ray’s parents want to buy a house on Kauai but we are doing all the looking for them. We’ve seen several houses so far, but all have been a let down. Yesterday we saw a $700,000 studio on stilts. Who charges that much for a house with no bedrooms? Crazy people, that’s who! We’re going to keep looking.

Right now I’m getting ready to go for a walk. No running yet since my ankle acted up when I tried running yesterday. And then I’m going to come home and complete this Hiity Bitty Bikini Workout from Tone It Up.

Fun fact – I have been a member of the Tone It Up team since Summer 2011. Karena and Katrina live in the Beach Cities not too far from my hometown. I used to see them driving around with their Tone It Up bumper stickers and checked out their site. I’m not very active in this community like most of the members. That’s why you never see me posting #toneitup hashtags. And I don’t agree with some of their nutrition advice. But I still love completing some of their workouts.

And guess what! You can now follow my blog with Bloglovin!

What were some of the marvelous things you did this weekend?

It was pouring rain and I just didn’t feel like drinking another breakfast smoothie this week so I suggested to Ray that we go out to Kalaheo Cafe for breakfast. He agreed since it’s his favorite breakfast place on Kauai.

I’ve been here before but never for breakfast. Ray usually just goes on his own since it’s around the corner from his work. Well this time I made him take me with him. And then I ended up paying. How does that work?

Between the torrential rain and screaming chickens, I didn’t sleep very well. So I decided to do something I almost never do, which is order an espresso drink. Caffeine seemed like a necessity. The cafe mocha with almond milk didn’t disappoint, even though I’m not usually a fan of these types of drinks.


What I like most about Kalaheo Cafe is that you order at the counter, they give you a number, and then you sit down and wait for them to bring you your food. It makes for better service. I went somewhere else the other night with terrible service because they were short waitstaff. This doesn’t happen at Kalaheo Cafe. You might have to wait in a line to order your food if it’s busy, but that’s your fault for going during peak meal time.

We went kind of early not to long after they opened at 6:30. Ray and I are both morning people so this wasn’t a burden for us.

Ray knew what he wanted (his usual) and I figured out what I wanted by looking at their menu before we got there.

I ordered the South Shore Breakfast with hash browns.


While I absolutely cannot stand the #yolkporn hashtag, I must admit, I am starting to love runny eggs.

Ray got the double benny because he can eat and eat and eat. I have no idea where it all goes. He ate one of the bennys before I could even snap a picture.


Our first date was a breakfast/brunch date so you know we love our breakfast foods. Clearly this food passed our breakfast standards. We had no problem cleaning our plates. You’re welcome, Mr. Dishwasher.


We will definitely be coming back to Kalaheo Cafe again and again. Probably for breakfast because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

Hi! Welcome back to paradise. I’ve been going to Waoihai a lot lately. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Waiohai is the beach outside of the Marriott in Poipu. It’s Ray’s favorite surf spot. I lounge while he surfs. This was my view during today’s suntanning session.


It’s hard to tell from this picture, but there are surfers out there not catching any waves. One of those surfers is Ray. He caught maybe 3-4 waves in an hour. The lack of tradewinds is really hurting the surf. Plus I heard all the swells are on the east side of the island right now. I’m not a regular surfer so I can only pretend to know what I’m talking about.

Lounging around in the hot sun makes me crave cold things. I came home and made this slushy concoction in my vitamix.


It was just 8 oz. of water, 1 small frozen banana, a few frozen strawberries, and a tablespoon of hemp hearts. It definitely satisfied the craving I had for something cold.

As I was driving home earlier, I noticed my car was flashing a warning about the fuel cap. I decided to take it to the Honda dealership (don’t worry, everything is fine). But before I went I decided to clean it out. Guess what I found in the cargo area hanging out in an umbrella!


Yes, that’s a centipede, one of the ugliest living things I’ve ever seen. Ray calls them “Satan’s turds”. We don’t kill them right away. We put them in tupperware and take them to a flock of hungry chickens. The chickens here love these things. It’s kind of amusing watching them fight over who gets to gobble up the centipede. What’s not amusing is finding one of these critters in my car. They like to find dry places to hide when it’s raining.

Speaking of rain, I’ve been seeing a lot of rainbows lately.


This one came out as the sun was setting. I ran outside in my PJs to snap this picture before it got too dark. I think I’ve seen more rainbows in the past month than I’ve seen in my entire lifetime back in California.

When and where was the last time you saw a rainbow?